Sarabeth Price and AnnaBeth Scarle  have been friends since college. These sorority sisters first met on bid day on the Chi Omega lawn at LSU in 2003. They turned to introduce themselves to one another and felt an immediate bond when they realized their names were so similar. And they were right! Thirteen years later, they’ve launched a business together.

Each the youngest in her family, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on their older sisters’ makeup. That interest in make-up, combined with an appreciation for anything spa-like, made it easy for them to fall in love with the blow dry bar concept. After visiting dry bars from Baton Rouge to New York, they developed a vision for one in Lake Charles.

They’ve been very intentional with the design of the salon as well as their product selection, taking pride in carrying holistic and environment-friendly products. Kevin Murphy hair products are all paraben and sulphate-free and represent an emerging and progressive movement in the industry. Their make-up line, Jane Iredale, is 100% mineral-based. Aside from its known reputation for flawless application, it also boasts the ability to improve your skin. And their airbrush tanning solution is Norvell, an industry leader in application, color, and life span. It’s also one of the safest solutions on the market.

And on top of all this, “The Beth’s” are sure to keep the main thing, the main thing. “We believe the most important form of beauty for women radiates from the inside, but we are highly dedicated to helping women feel their best on the outside.”